This blog has been created so that students at OHS can have a place to share their photos on a regular basis. We welcome any constructive critism, as well as positive feedback.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Taylor took this photograph.


Ashley took this photograph. This would be my gauzian blur, dark strokes, photo:] 5min


Karl took this photograph.
For this picture, I played around with the gradient map adjustment layer. I set it to black and white, then set it to reverse after fooling around with it. After that, I set the layer as an overlay, which made Heidi’s skin more pinkish, and less pale. It also put a nice effect in the top right corner with her hair and the water.


Emily took this photograph.
Attractive vs Repulsive



I’ve been trying to solve this Rubik’s Cube for the past greater while, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to solve the last layer. And I find the fact that I am unable to do so absolutely repulsive (not to mention slightly frustrating). Hence, the twisted top layer.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Ashley took this photograph. “Deciding” -Final montage photo. This photograph represents mockery. One part of the mind is mockying the other trying to decide to go one way direction or the other.


Yali took this photograph.
I took two pictures using landscape mode.One picture is a train station and the other one is electricity stands on the side of the street. I cropped all the extra part of the picture out so that only the electricity stands are present. I combined these two pictures and I liquified them to show more motion. I also added motion blurr to show speed motion. On the train picture,I added some neon glow to make it brighter. I used multiply to make them into one layer. This montage shows impatient. As you can tell,the train has motion and everything contains motion. Because of the fast speed, it means that the environment cannot be patient.


Maddie took this photograph to represent impatience.


Lauren took this photo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Brody took this photograph.
I don’t think the picture is under or overexposed because there is a lot going on in the foreground and in the background. The picture is in focus but gets blurry in the background. It draws your eyes to the red and white in the wagon. The depth of field is deep, but it works with the picture to see whats going on and making it less dark. The foreground is dark but with the light in the background it helps balance the picture.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Aubrey took this photograph.
People Waiting

Shutter Speed- 1/60

Aperture- 4.6


Kaitlyn took this photograph.


Aly took this photograph.
This picture is so simple that I find it perfect. I didint change much about it, I just turned it black and white. The subtle footprints in the snow add contrast to the picture. I also like how the shadows of the trees lay in the picture but none of the trees themselves.


Ashley took this photograph.
“Hidden” Model: Salina Judkins.

This photograph took multiple tries before I got my desired result. It was hard to make Salina’s face stand out against the evergreen’s branches; therefore I had to take several shots from different angels. I used an aperture of f/4.9 and a shutter speed of 1/250 of a second. The aperture size I used was very small because for this image my camera did not have to focus as much. I used a fast shutter speed because it was very sunny outside. I used the auto exposure mood and the auto white balance mode as well. The contrast between Salina’s dark eyes and her pale face makes her eyes the main focus of the image. The depth of field is very shallow in this shot because I was only half of a meter away when taking this photo. I shot this photograph with my Canon Powershot SD 1100 IS.


Maddie took this photo. When I took this photo, I actually stuck my hand in the tree and tried to get my sister and the berries in the picture. I wanted the berries in the picture to add contrast to the white snow. This is my least favorite because the picture is crooked and I would rather have my sister looking at the berries to draw the eye to the berries. Her looking away draws the eye to the blank snow to the side which is not what I intended.


Karly took this photo.
The focus of this picture is bike. It is also the darkest part of the photo, capturing the viewer’s attention. I took this photo in aperture priority mode. I used a big aperture because I wanted everything to be in focus except the background. I used the rule of thirds well because the main subject, the bike, is located just below the center third. The photo is made up of a variety of lines: straight, curved, and zigzagged. There is contrast between the bike and the snow because the bike is darker helping to create the central focus of the photo. The framing of this photo is the wreath. There is only a bit of access background within the photo. The vantage point is taken from slightly below straight on creating a more interesting photo to look at. This photo is a photo of my grandparent’s bike from when they were kids. It resembles me wishing I could’ve lived during the fifties because it was a revolutionary and great generation to live in.