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Friday, January 29, 2010


Contributed by Sarah

I like this picture because of how far away the person is on the ice. The image is too blue for me and the colors all sort of merge together. I like the moon in the shot, but it is too grainy. It was shot in cloudy white balance.


  1. I love this photo. The colors give you think “warm winter” feel. Also you have a great depth of field, your eyes are drawn in with the sky and how it is dark at the top and then goes lighter. Then with that leading to the trees and then to the ice it leads your eyes throughout the photo.

  2. This picture reminds me some what about a dream. the look of peaceful comes across to me in this photo. the blue tint of the picture makes the image look like a warm winter night....

  3. This photo makes me feel like distant because of how far away the person is and also the moon looks small. I like the the colors in the clouds and how the ice has the similar colors.

  4. i love the colors and how its all the same, i like all the blue! this picture is breathtaking, good job!