This blog has been created so that students at OHS can have a place to share their photos on a regular basis. We welcome any constructive critism, as well as positive feedback.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Hunter took this photo.


Alli took this photograph.
Landscape - I took this photo out on Rockvale Road. I cropped out the edges to move the sun to the right and the bottom of the tree. I also clone stamped out a small pine tree that I felt took away from the photo. Finally I also added a warming filter to give the photo a wider range of tones.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Christina took this photograph.
I cropped this photo at the bottom of it, so that the road wouldnt be directly in the middle, and I also cropped it on the right side so that there wouldnt be so many trees on one side. I tried to balance it out more. I used black and white because I thought it would really bring out the snow and more of the shadows. I also curved the photo so that the snow on the trees wouldn’t blend in with the trees surrounding them. The picture is pretty busy, but that also gets your eye to look more at the road which is what I intended. That is also what the focal point is.


Jules took this photograph.
This is the fourth of four landscape photos that I took. The composition for this photo I tried to get it to so that it showed that it was taken at the ‘Golden Hour’ by getting the sun setting in the background. I used the new effect that makes the photo twisted.


Bonnie took this photograph.
This is a picture I played with alot. When I first took this picture, I felt like I got lost in the trees over on the left, so I tried darkening the picture, and playing with the lights and darks of it. To me, that didnt really help at all. So I decided to try it black and white, after I did that I made the edges a bit darker and shadow looking to give it more of an effect. I like how the road looks like its going to no where. I would say the focal point is the road itself, and it leads your eye down it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Alexa took this photograph.
This picture is supposed to represent attractiveness. I think hands are very beautiful in the way they are built, and their range of motion. The focal point in this picture is obviously the multi-colored hand. It shows beauty in the fact that it’s messy, yet still graceful and innocent looking. I chose a mixture of dark, bright, and lighter colors in order to balance out the colors in the hand. I believe that the black background gives the colors on the hand a chance to “pop” and give the picture a more dramatic feel to it.


Blake took this photograph.
This is an attractive picture of a leaf still hanging on a tree even though there is snow on the ground.  This shows strength, which to a lot of people is beauty.  That is why I chose this picture for attractive.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Alexa took this photograph.

This picture is meant to represent “talking out the side of your mouth.” My parents have used the expression on me if I were bad mouthing or lying. Therefore, my hand is covering up a confident picture of a smile. The position of my hand gives the picture a mysterious and guilty feel to it, which was my goal in this piece. I put this picture in a very dingy black and white. This picture is actually a montage. I used a texture layer of torn paper to make it look as if my skin were spotted and peeling away.


Hunter took this photograph.
This is another of my repulsive photos. I would say this is repulsive because even though it has cool colors of the bright orange-red rust, the other rust spots remind me of skin conditions or burns, so thats why I say its repulsive. 


I took this picture thinking  “attractive”. The color white dominates the picture and it gives the tone of purity and beauty from the composition of color. To enhance the composition, I changed the levels of brightness and the contrast giving a higher sense of purity to the picture. This adds to the attractive appearance. At first, I thought this picture was attractive to me because of the baby, the youthful feel that society tries to attain.  The snow adding to the innocence that only a child can understand because as we get older, the innocence fades, leaving us without imagination. Lastly, the colors because it allows the audience to feel the purity of childhood that cannot be attained elsewhere.
Andrea took this photograph.


Alexa took this photograph.
Being two faced is something very unattractive in our daily perspective. This picture is a montage. I used a texture image to give it the folded paper look. This picture was originally in black and white, but by adding the texture layer it gave the picture more of a sepia tone to it. The way I did this was completely untimed. I was playing around with the flash and a picture of a model from my magizine, and it coincidentally lined up perfectly, and was the best picture out of all of the other ones. I didn’t plan for the model to look like me, I was just going for the fake look. I did alot of darkening on her eye because mine was so dark compared to hers. If it weren’t for the teeth not matching up, it could easily be mistaken for a picture just of myself!


Christina took this photograph.
My second repulsive picture I took at Bryanna’s house again. The picture is taken outside and in the picture is a dead rose. I chose this picture for my repulsive because, the thought of the rose being dead is repulsive and the thought of the rose never being able to be pretty again. But there’s also an attractive part, I made the picture look more dramatic by curving it and adding more depth. I also made the flower be more emphasized by making it darker. Also the thought of the rose once alive is also attractive and how the rose looked when it first bloomed.


Emily took this photograph.
This photo was taken at Roosevelt park. I took a picture of rust on a parking rail. The dark colors exaggerate the light color of the snow. The middle of the parking rail has a curve that makes the viewers eye fallow all the way down t the end of it.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Blake took this photograph.


Calvin took this photograph.
While walking through Chicago there is noway anyone could pass up an opportunity to take a picture of the Sears tower.  The picture in the background is a city that both my mother and I grew up in.  And in the bottom right corner is myself .


Andrea took this photograph.
This picture represents amusement.  This is shown with the vibrant colors and the model’s jumping poses.  The texture I used for the sky came from the colors of a sunset, and this adds color to the picture.    All the colors are in contrast with one another, and the vibrant green gives the picture an extra ‘pop.’  There’s movement present in the picture which goes with the theme.  The figure on the left the in the foreground, the figure on the right is in the middle and the trees make up the background.  This gives depth to the picture.


Bonnie took this photograph.
The word I chose for this picture is serenity. I chose this word because I feel free, and calm. The setting in this picture is a room in a old house. I decided to take this in this room because it had a good setup and it had a lot of space. I also chose to float because I wanted to show how you can feel peaceful and worry-less, and I thought floating would be a good way to do that. 


Alli took this photograph.
This montage represents the word guilt. I applied four different textures in different areas of the photo, enhanced the contrast, and made it black and white for a bolder effect. I feel that the chained fence texture connects everything in the photo and really adds to the guilt aspect, like she’s trapped with guilt. The contrast from the background and the girl create balance between each other. There is also a large range of values from the black eyeliner running down her split face to the lighter section in the background. I feel this photo turned out how I had hoped, but it was hard to decide because there were so many different options.


Hunter took this photograph.

Friday, November 19, 2010


This is an abstract image that overall emphasizes shape.  A big element of this picture is focus.  The photo is a zoomed in on the linkage chain on a swing.  In the background you can see tree branches, creating a certain depth to the photograph.  Overall the chain is the central focus of the photograph.  Shape is a huge element of this photograph.  You can see both geometric and organic shapes in the photograph.  The circle on the chain is an example of geometric shape within the photograph and the tree branches in the background are examples of organic shapes. There is a good sense of value in the image because of the dark parts of the swing as well as the dark branches that contrast with the light sky.  There is a sense of balance within the image’s space.  In the background of the image the tree branches and other objects balance out the swing chain and shows a sense of depth, in turn creating the element of space.  There is a particular texture to this image.  If you could touch the image’s surface it would feel cold.  The tree branches in the background would feel rough to the touch while the swing’s chain would feel smooth.  You can tell the surface of the image would feel cold because if you look closely you can tell the tree branches are bare, signifying the winter season.  Overall, contour is a very significant part to this photograph.  Since this is a close up image the outline of the object is very crisp and sharp.
Katie took this photograph.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Blake took this photograph.
I took this picture at the park across from my house.  I liked how the swing set had a distinct shadow in the sand.  The composition of the picture made the swings the central point.  The swings show a sense of weakness, only hanging on by two small chains.  The organic shape of the sand went well with the weathered look of the swing set.  


Christian took this photo.
This photo uses a direct approach showing the vehicle from the front and at headlight level. It doesn’t add any sort of angle to the photo which is interesting in its self because you usually dont look at a vehicle at this angle. The vehicle is the central focus of the photo. It also displays a wooded landscape in the background adding a rugged feeling to the vehicle. 


Alli took this photograph.

This photo was taken out in a marsh near my grandparents house. I arranged it to capture the details of the reflected background and the focal point (the daises). The daises are the main focus because they contrast the background and they stand out due to the rule of thirds. The viewer’s eye moves all around because the value changes from the bright bold white daisies to the light white-ish gray and black in the background. Each reflected maple leaf is darker than the water, also creating contrast. This helps emphasize the white petals of the daisy. Texture plays a key role in the daisies and where the edges of the petals meet the water adding to the composition. The viewer can place each edge and see the crisp lines. Balance is also used because there are two daises right next to eachother equaling one another out. There is also balance between the daisies and background because there are a lot of leaves on the opposite side of the flowers. My theme was 'natural being'. I really like this photo because I feel that it is unique because of the reflected background.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is my self portrait. I chose this photo because I think it really represents me and my personality. It also really clear and a quality photo and I didn’t really have to do too much editing on it.
Megan took this photograph.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Steph took this photograph.


Nancy took this photograph.
I really like this picture because of the colors. I used this as a landscape picture, there was like green metal on the corner of the picture so i cloned stamped that. I also used the paint affect with a low opacity to make some clouds.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Abby took this photo.
I chose to do this for my self portrait because i wanted to reflect the idea of painting on a face, or being “fake”. In the essence of physical and emotional form


Megan took this photograph.
This is my first Bye Bye Birdie picture. It reminded me of the song “One Last Kiss” from the musical. I really didn’t have to edit this to much because the lighting really enhanced the picture and i think this really represents the time period.


Kassie took this photograph. This photo is taken around sun down outside my friend’s apartment. Their outfits are both black and white and then have red; I think their outfits really help the picture to be what it is. I saturated the color and used an antique filter along with using a vignette. This picture is inspiring and makes me feel happy. The photo altogether has an interesting composition and the expressions on their faces really hold the viewers gaze.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I took and edited this picture of Shannon. I think I could have done a better job with the lighting on her face, but I think it turned out pretty good. I softened her skin and turned it black and white.
Courtney took this photograph.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010


Stephanie took this photograph for her landscape assessment.


Ben took this photograph for his "Essence of Oconomowoc" photograph. 


Steph took this photograph for her "Essence of Oconomowoc" Photograph.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Abby took this photograph.
The light source in this photo is a car light. I like kirsten’s pose and how the light only hits her outline.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Shannon took this photograph.
This is my all time favorite photo. I set my camera on fireworks mode and let the camera go at it. As the traffic was going by it captured all the different lights and the colors the lights made. I didn’t do much to this photo because it looked good the way it was. I used “levels” to kind of contrast it you could say. I darkened it and lightened it with “levels.”

Monday, October 18, 2010


Emily took this photograph.
I was up north this past weekend and took this picture of the camp fire at night. I put my camera on fireworks setting to capture the colors and the flame. This picture looks like how it really would if the viewer was sitting around the camp fire and watching the flames. This picture depicts anger and fury to the viewer. I like how the branches look like they are coming out, which portrays depth in the picture. I also like how the difference in colors of the flames are very noticeable.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Caitlin took this photograph.
I took this picture at the Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee. I decided to take this picture because nature has pretty much taken over the sides of the bridge. I really like how the light is shining through the trees and how there is a shadow from a tree on the bridge. I changed the levels which made the picture darker and help it to show a lot of the shadows that should of been in the picture. I also clone stamped some distracting things out. I also put a pin light layer on which made it look lighter without taking the shadows away.


I took this picture on my way to school. I like how the sun is shining, but it’s still foggy out. I cropped the picture so the sun and horizon wouldn’t be in the middle (which breaks the rule of thirds). I made the fog in the field and behind the trees lighter by using levels and the brush tool. One of the elements is line because the clouds form rows of lines. I think it gives the feeling of a beautiful day. Emily took this photograph.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Kayla took this photograph.
This one I dont like as much but I do like the bright orange/red tree.  I also like how the sky is almost purpleish in the upper left corner.  I like how much the sun lights up the tree and water.  In this picture I messed with the contrast, hue and saturation, and messed with the curves.  This picture reminds me of fall alot because of the tree. I could have darkened up the sky a bit as well.


Steph took this photograph.
In this photo the light is coming from straight over head because the photo was taken at 12:00 in the afternoon. I used the enhancer to pump up the lighting just a bit so that it was more obvious where the light was coming from in the photo. I like how bright all of the colors are and you can tell that it is taken in the fall because there are so many yellows and oranges. The leaves in front of the road are probably my favorite part because they work with the road to create depth and realism in the photo. This is my favorite of the four photos that I took because it is so lively and bright and the movement of everything works so well together.


This is a picture I took in the morning, on a really cloudy day.  I really like the way the clouds were right in front of the sun, and how the different rays were shining through them.  For this picture I darkened the clouds and made the sun brighter in photoshop.  Overall I like it because the foreground is blacked out and the sun is highlighted.  There’s a cool difference in the blue at the top of the image, and the orange-ish yellow on the bottom. 
Ben took this photograph.

Friday, October 8, 2010


This is my next landscape photo and it is my favorite of the four. I love the movement and the colors and the flow that it has. I feel that is a good example of what a true landscape should look like. I used a blur overlay to make the water and sand sharper and I changed the levels a little bit in sections of the photo. This picture reminds me of our first assessment because it makes me think of serenity. This scene makes me feel peaceful and warm and relaxed. I took it in hopes that the viewer would feel this way too.
Megan took this photo.


Jake took this photo.
This is a picture is resembling our theme, attractive. This picture started out great but with adding a few filters, and layer I have my final product which helped me meet the goals of this project. I wasn’t trying to control any lighting in this photo, I just wanted to capture this “scene”. This is my favorite picture because of the green on the wall… green is also my favorite color. Hue is my dominant principle because there are so many different tints and shades of these colors.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Kayla took this photograph.

This is another picture of the abandoned house I found in Farmington. I find abandoned houses very interesting! The house had a lot of texture. I also liked how the sky is light right by the house and gets darker as your eyes go up. The flowers also led your eye to the house. The gravel driveway also has that effect. There was a red line through the driveway and on the barn, so i got rid of those in Photoshop. I also got rid of some telephone wires and played with the brightness and contrast.