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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Abby took this one.


  1. I am completely obsessed with this picture. The movement of this photo is just awesome. I really like the proportion of the subject to its background. It really gives the photo that feeling of unity. Everything works together in this photo to emphasis each other but then they all come together at one focal point and really make the subject stand out. Also, I love the editing you chose. The faded vintage effect really works well in this image. I would totally hang this in my room. GREAT job!

  2. This photo really stands out to me. I really like that the ladder leads to nothing and makes you think and gives you the freedom to imagine anything you want. Love this photo.
    K.Adams - FPHS

  3. This picture is so awesome! I love how vintage it is and how it's so simple yet says so much. I absolutely adore this.

  4. This is a very interesting photo! To me it looks kind of vintage with the filter you used and how it is in a field, like a farm. The ladder in my favorite part I love that the girl is off to the side climbing a ladder that doesn’t lead to anything. I really want to know how you got the ladder to stand up! This is an awesome photo!!--Megan-PHS