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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Alli took this photograph.

This photo was taken out in a marsh near my grandparents house. I arranged it to capture the details of the reflected background and the focal point (the daises). The daises are the main focus because they contrast the background and they stand out due to the rule of thirds. The viewer’s eye moves all around because the value changes from the bright bold white daisies to the light white-ish gray and black in the background. Each reflected maple leaf is darker than the water, also creating contrast. This helps emphasize the white petals of the daisy. Texture plays a key role in the daisies and where the edges of the petals meet the water adding to the composition. The viewer can place each edge and see the crisp lines. Balance is also used because there are two daises right next to eachother equaling one another out. There is also balance between the daisies and background because there are a lot of leaves on the opposite side of the flowers. My theme was 'natural being'. I really like this photo because I feel that it is unique because of the reflected background.

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  1. I really like this photo! Your explanation was also very informative. I really like how you explained how your photograph implements all of these elements from photography. The reflection of the maple leaves are gorgeous and keeping the photo in black and white really added to the contrast in the photo. Overall, it's very lovely! :)

    SPHS - EEC