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Friday, November 19, 2010


This is an abstract image that overall emphasizes shape.  A big element of this picture is focus.  The photo is a zoomed in on the linkage chain on a swing.  In the background you can see tree branches, creating a certain depth to the photograph.  Overall the chain is the central focus of the photograph.  Shape is a huge element of this photograph.  You can see both geometric and organic shapes in the photograph.  The circle on the chain is an example of geometric shape within the photograph and the tree branches in the background are examples of organic shapes. There is a good sense of value in the image because of the dark parts of the swing as well as the dark branches that contrast with the light sky.  There is a sense of balance within the image’s space.  In the background of the image the tree branches and other objects balance out the swing chain and shows a sense of depth, in turn creating the element of space.  There is a particular texture to this image.  If you could touch the image’s surface it would feel cold.  The tree branches in the background would feel rough to the touch while the swing’s chain would feel smooth.  You can tell the surface of the image would feel cold because if you look closely you can tell the tree branches are bare, signifying the winter season.  Overall, contour is a very significant part to this photograph.  Since this is a close up image the outline of the object is very crisp and sharp.
Katie took this photograph.

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