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Monday, December 13, 2010


Alexa took this photograph.
Being two faced is something very unattractive in our daily perspective. This picture is a montage. I used a texture image to give it the folded paper look. This picture was originally in black and white, but by adding the texture layer it gave the picture more of a sepia tone to it. The way I did this was completely untimed. I was playing around with the flash and a picture of a model from my magizine, and it coincidentally lined up perfectly, and was the best picture out of all of the other ones. I didn’t plan for the model to look like me, I was just going for the fake look. I did alot of darkening on her eye because mine was so dark compared to hers. If it weren’t for the teeth not matching up, it could easily be mistaken for a picture just of myself!

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  1. im beginning to like your work more and more. this is a really good piece. the photo does fit the mag really well.