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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is the first of four ‘growth’ photos that I took. I took this photo by building the wall in the background. Then I spent about an hour digging through my box of Legos to find as-much money as I could possibly find. Finally I got the Lego figure and set him up with a $100 Lego dolor in his hand and put some more near him, then put the camera on the table and took the picture. I took  this photo because I wanted to portray economic growth, because I felt it was a area that I could successfully make and portray. I did this by adding more money to each photo. This photo is important because it is the start of the lego mans economic growth. I think I was successful at the lighting in the shot. My inspiration for taking these photos was that I like Legos so I wanted to use Legos in this final to portray the increase in a persons wealth.
Jules took this photograph.

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