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Monday, February 14, 2011


Karly took this photo.
The focus of this picture is bike. It is also the darkest part of the photo, capturing the viewer’s attention. I took this photo in aperture priority mode. I used a big aperture because I wanted everything to be in focus except the background. I used the rule of thirds well because the main subject, the bike, is located just below the center third. The photo is made up of a variety of lines: straight, curved, and zigzagged. There is contrast between the bike and the snow because the bike is darker helping to create the central focus of the photo. The framing of this photo is the wreath. There is only a bit of access background within the photo. The vantage point is taken from slightly below straight on creating a more interesting photo to look at. This photo is a photo of my grandparent’s bike from when they were kids. It resembles me wishing I could’ve lived during the fifties because it was a revolutionary and great generation to live in.

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