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Monday, February 14, 2011


Maddie took this photo. When I took this photo, I actually stuck my hand in the tree and tried to get my sister and the berries in the picture. I wanted the berries in the picture to add contrast to the white snow. This is my least favorite because the picture is crooked and I would rather have my sister looking at the berries to draw the eye to the berries. Her looking away draws the eye to the blank snow to the side which is not what I intended.

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  1. The photo is very lovely and soft! The black and white filter really adds a gentle feel to it. What makes the photo stand out to me is the ring and how it says “truth”, it may not be in the center of the picture but your eyes are drawn straight to the ring. Having your hand on the branch is just an extra touch at how soft and gentle your photo looks. Amazing work!!--Megan PHS