This blog has been created so that students at OHS can have a place to share their photos on a regular basis. We welcome any constructive critism, as well as positive feedback.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Abby took this photo.


  1. This picture is so cool! i don't know how you did this but it turned out great! it looks like she's actually underwater. your model looks relaxed and angelic and all the blue tones help make the picture almost fantasy-like.

  2. I really like your picture!! I tried to put a picture into a different background and it looked terrible but yours look so realistic !! I like how the colors colide together and how the top look like a galaxy. It seems like you're rising to the heavens ! I also agree that you look related and unbothered ! This picture is just perfect ! I LOVE IT!

    ReRe H- HHS

  3. The light in this photo is soft coming from above. The light enhances the picture and leads to the subject in the photo. The white balance was set correctly and it has a blue/green cast, but it’s in the water so I’d be worried about that if it wasn’t. This photo also uses a unique way to express leading lines, it draws my eye to the girl and then to the surface of the water (the lines are the light that’s seeping through the water). The photo makes me a little sad because the girls is drowning or sinking in the water even though she is so close to the surface.-Rachael P. PHS