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Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is the only picture that was actually picked for the IB art show, but I still love this one the most, and if I could have picked between me getting one amazing shot like this, or three okay ones to be picked for the IB show, I would gladly pick this one.
Mooney said that the lighting would be different because of her darker skin, and I think I compensated for that. This is by FAR the favorite portrait I have taken of a non-family member, and I hope over the course of this class, I can learn how to get that one amazing shot (or more than one) out of anyone I photograph.
Photograph by Nathan.


  1. I really like this picture because you get an emotion from looking at it, and you can sense what the subject is feeling. I like how the light is reflected in her eyes and how her face is the brightest part in the picture which automatically causes it to be the focal point. I like how most of her hair is lit to so there is somewhat of a back light. Overall, I think this is a great portrait and good job.

  2. This photograph is beautiful! She looks like a goddess. I love the contrast between the dark background and the light reflecting off of her face. Having her face the brightest part in this photo definately creates the focal point, which is an excellent choice for a portrait. Awesome photo! Good job.

    Makenzie W.

  3. I like this picture because i like the way the darkness in the background helps make the light on her skin stick out. Her face is for sure the focal point because there is all of the darkness around her and then the light instantly makes your eyes go to her face.