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Thursday, April 1, 2010


My myth was Alcyone and Ceyx. Alcyone's father Aeolus is the God of winds, and Ceyx went out on a voyage to talk to an Oracle about his dead brother. Alycone knew that her father didn't like Ceyx and that he was going to try to kill Ceyx while he was out at sea. Alcyone couldn't convince him to stay, so she waited and waited for him to return. He never did. So, to represent this story I took a picture of a small waterfall with a girl looking out over the bridge in the reflection to represent Alcyone waiting for Ceyx.
Photograph by Emily.


  1. i like how you used texture in your photo, you can see the texture. also you color is neat i like how you have the blues, greens, and browns it compliments the photo.

  2. i realy like this photo because of the smooth texture and how you have the greens and browns mix together