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Thursday, April 1, 2010


This represents the goddess of Night, Nyx. This is my mom, and I had her sit by the rocks and set the long exposure on my camera to 30 seconds. I like it a lot because the stars really stand out and you can tell it's Night but it's also light out and you can see "nyx's face." I had her gaze up at the sky because it looks like she's observing the night sky, as she brought it on.
This photograph was created by Sarah


  1. In this photo, I like how the stars are actually seen in the photo. I really like how the woman's face is staring up at the sky and it's almost like she is having a light shined upon her by the stars, since she's representing Nyx.

  2. I love this photo; the night with the light reflecting in the water, as well as the subtle, warm light from the remaining sun is lighting up the woman's face. The color in her face because of that light is only seen otherwise on the horizon, which helps tie the photo together. I also like how the corners of the photo gradually get darker, (from the inside of the photo, going out to the corners) as well as the whiter lights off in the distance that seem to be working with the brightend stars. The fact that the stars have been made more apparent I think really completes this photo.

  3. This photo is really cool too look at. I love how the stars are in the sky, and what colors the sky is. I also think the lights in the backround, the tree's, and the water. In the end, its just awesome to look at.

  4. I think this photo has alot of potential. The stars are a plus to look at, and so is the tree's and lights in the backround. Also the way the woman is looking in to the sky is really pretty.