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Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is a picture that I took at the Lac La Belle Cemetery. I did the lomo effect to it and I thought it originally looked cool because it was kind of scratchy and blurry and it gave it a more errie look to the photo. I also clone stamped out a tree behind him because it was pretty distracting. My myth was Hypnos and it was the god of sleep and he tried to save people in there after life so I thought this picture worked perfectly.
Photograph by Breanna.


  1. I really like how the photographer of this photo connected the eerie way that she took this photo with the fact that there is a tombstone cross in the background. Also the figure in the picture is blurred and kind of washed out in places, which makes him seem more ghostly. Even though the picture as a whole is mainly washed out light colors the dark clothes on the figure provide contrast which gives her focal point more emphasis.
    -OHS MA

  2. This picture is greatt at capturing a different in a way dark mood because it resembles death in a unique way. being at a cemetery the black and white of this picture brings out more of a creepy look and feel. but well done!

  3. I like how the subject is positioned it kind of give it that creepy look and by putting the tombstone behind him it makes it a lot more eerie. I like how they used Line to bring out the subject more the effect they used gave off a vertical line and the subject is lying in a horizontal position making it stand out more.

    - DJP OHS

  4. I really like how this photo brings out death. I like that she didn't just put a tombstone in the background but the fact that its a cross to. I like the cross tombstone because when I see it I think it represents death but also religion. This photo is creepy and it gives it a unique feeling.

    -MorganM OHS

  5. I like how this picture turned out its kreepy but cool. I also like the tombstone in the background its really nice I also like how u make it looks scrachy and very ghost like its really cool so this photo is really good and unique.

  6. I like how the photographer made this photo lighter, to set the mood. With the tombstone in the background you still get the depressing, death mood, but with the lighter image it makes it almost look a little like the guy is going up. The lines also help with that. I like how she made him lay down by the tombstone because it makes me picture him laying in a grave, to set more of the death mood.