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Thursday, April 1, 2010


This photograph was taken in California and it demonstrates how the girl is simply taking in the nature that is around her. I like that even though she is the focal point in the photo the details in the rocks and in the hills in the background are still present. I slightly lightened up the sky so it would not be as bright, but kept it a brighter color because it made her stand out more.

Photograph by Kayla.
p.s. aly- we miss you!


  1. This picture sticks out to me because it is so simple but has a calming effect. The exposure looks good except it might have looked a little better without the shadow in the front right corner. The main subject is in focus and so is the scenery in the background. I really like the lighting in this picture because it looks so clear. This would be a good picture to hang up in a house because it is timeless.

  2. the lighting in this picture is really good. The way you layed out the composition really made your photo look mature or more developed compared to just a snapshot of someone or something. The main object or person is really brought out by the contrast in the bright blue sky. I really like how clear everything looks. I would definately hang this in my house if I bought it.

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