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Thursday, February 11, 2010


This image is brought to us by Erin.
This picture that I took was taken after school in daylight, down by Oconomowoc Lake. The house was on top of a hill in a snowy scene, so I put the setting on for a bright snowy scene, it being light out and a snowy scene. Then I did the rest in Photoshop, changing the curges and hues and brightness.I added the fog on the bottom of the picture and the stars at the top by using the paintbrush. The stars were created by the shape of the paintbrush, and I just had the paintbrush set on normal for the fog, just at a very light grey. I also used the blur tool to soften the fog and intensity of the darkness.

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  1. I think ive seen this house before, It never looked creepy until now. I think the star's are really pretty though. But the house looks really old and haunted from my point of view. Also the tree's are a plus in making the the photo look scary.