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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Paige put this together for her "Annoying" assignment.
I hate when people smack gum. I hate when they change how the talk when they have gum in their mouths.  And when they smack their gum. And when they are mouth breathers....


  1. I like how you used four different shots for this photo. I think it describes your pet peeve a lot more effectively then just using one photo. Like it was said in class, I think the gum should have been changed to a different color or something because it looks like a plastic spoon. I like the depth of field and subjects also. NICE JOB!

    MB OHS.

  2. I really like that the edges of the face and hands are blurred to specifically show that the mouth is the main focus. Without knowing what the 'pet peeve' was, I could tell; there's a language about the mouth almost, that I interpreted these photos that way. The contrasts with the skin color and the dark of the mouth really look great, too.

  3. ha i really like this photo its funny! I can really tell its your 'pet peeve'and that the main focuse is your mouth but i do agree with morgan it kinda looks like a plastic spoon but other wise it looks really great!!

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  5. This is really great. First off, the dark background of the hair REALLY makes the reds, and the pinks of the lips and tongue POP! It’s also really good how all of the face is blurred, except the mouth. It really illustrates that it was the target, or the main focus. The last thing I really like about this photo is how it looks like a cycle, like as you look through them, it looks as if the gum is actually being chewed and played with. Nice Job :)