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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Danielle took this photo. This photo was taken while she was sitting on a fence. The I set the white balance and the ISO was 400. I blurred the background so that the emphasis would be on her face. I liked how warm the colors were on her face because it was taken at right before the sun was about to set.


  1. I like this picture because the rule of thirds was used. The model looks comfortable and the warm tones add a comforting mood. It looks like fall in the background and overall I think its a very good picture.

  2. This picture is really pretty and reminds me of fall in november. Stevie makes this picture look more like fall with the color of her hair that matches the trees behind her and also what she is wearing sets the mood. It also reminds me just of a late after noon nature walk.

  3. The first thing that I noticed in this photo that I really liked was how the model was looking into the camera instead of off in the upper left or right like most photos have. I also really like the colors shceme because I can tell that the photo was taken in autumn and the colors give the picture a feeling of fall. It especially works out how Stevie's skin tone and hair color go with the fall color scheme. I also like how she is placed in the frame with all of the open space behind her because it really makes her pop also because she is in focus. And I think it is cool how her sweater is more in focus then the rest of her body.
    -OHS MA