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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Kelsey took this photograph.

I took this picture at 7 in the morning before I started working and liked it so much because of how the shadow is reflected onto the brick wall. I chose to use this for an attractive image because tons of people walk past the brick wall daily but never really notice the bright color and contrasts in the different colors in the bricks.


  1. I enjoy the idea behind your photo. The light on the brick wall enhances the mood where I get that early morning calm feeling. The shadow from the shopping cart is really neat too, it breaks up the plain wall space. -MB OHS

  2. I really like this photo because of the way you positioned the shopping cart. Also the lighting on the brick wall is really working good because of how it starts out light and gradually gets darker. Also the shadow of the cart on the wall makes this photo interesting to look at.

  3. I like this picture because of the lighting on the brick wall, and all the colors of the brick wall, and how you positioned the shopping cart, and the shadow makes it cool. Good job.