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Thursday, February 25, 2010


By Jessica.

If you think of a mud puddle or melted snow the image doesn't seem appealing. In this photo it actually looks attractive opposed to repulsive, because of the reflection in the puddle. I applied a gaussian blur and made the image warmer.


  1. I like that this picture looks as though it is made from two photos. The reflection in the puddle looks so clear. The composition is really good. I also like the warm lighting so that the puddle does not look gross like on a crappy winter day. The only thing that I wish you had clone stamped out is the big white rock in the left of the puddle. I find it to be distracting.

  2. This picture is sweet because it's unique. The reflection in the puddle looks so pure that it sets off the mood of a nice clear sunny day. It also gives you sence on how you can find beauty even in what appears to be a rough place.

  3. I really like how you can see the shadow in the puddle so perfectly. It must have been really hard to take this so perfectly. It turned out really nice. Good job.

  4. I like this photo because of the lighting and color in it. I like how there is a reflection of a building in the puddle. I like how the snow makes you feel cold, but then the building feels warm and inviting. I like how you can see the shadow in the puddle and it gives it more color.
    MorganM- OHS

  5. I like this photo because, the lighting is nice, and the reflection of the building is really clear, and i like the colors also, nice job!