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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For this picture I turned up the compensation one notch. I think it helped to bring out the color more because I was under the trees.

Photo contributed by Paige


  1. I really enjoy this picture because i think the colors go very well together. The orange and the blue kind of contrast on each other, all while the orange really stands out in the snow, and in the top right you have the green in the top right. I also like how much detail was retained and the texture of the barbed wire. Overall it turned out very well :]

  2. This Is really well done. I love how the blue and green of the wires are shown so clearly. My only issue is that the snow looks fake. Other than that all the colors seem to complement each other making it feel almost surreal.

  3. The sharp focus of the barbed wire and the depth of field between the barbed wire tree and the rest of the woods are used very wisely. The snow is a tad too bright in some areas but it does help put contrast on the wire. The rule of thirds was used correctly and the photo is well balanced. I really like the colors overall and I think you did a really nice job. :)

    MB OHS