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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I turned the ISO down a little here, and turned the brightness up a bit to get rid of the black in the background, so you could see some of the background instead of the black.

Contributed by Nathan 


  1. I really like this picture because of the detail you see in the ice and because you get a little bit of depth with the background but the background isn't over powering. You didn't really follow the rule of thirds but I think that the picture is so strong that it doesn't affect it.

  2. The ice has a very sharp focus which is the overall focus of the photo which I really like. The blue background gives the photo a more winter-y, cold feeling which I kind of like because the main focus is the ice. The depth of field is used very well between the ice and background which helps focus, again, on the ice. The rule of thirds was not used but people always say rules are meant to be broken. In other words I think your photo is well done. :)

    MB OHS