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Monday, March 22, 2010


Sarah created this green photo. This is my St. Patty's photo. I really like the raindrops on the plants, it adds detail and uniqueness. I desaturated the background and then erased the green plants so they stood out, and then i did the lomo effect on it.


  1. I like the Organic Shape of this, the water drops on it helps bring it out. I do think that there should have been a little more focus on the on some of the plants because it makes you loose interest after a while. But grate photo!

    -DJP OHS

  2. I like the wilderness theme to this. Also how you captures the dew on the blades of the grass, and how the green of the blades stick out of the darker blurred background.

  3. I agree with Dominic, there could have been more focus on the plants. This would have brought out the different ridges and textures that the plants contain. But I love how the drops of water look on the plants. I also love how the green stands out next to the brown/black ground.

  4. I like how you captured the dew or water drops on the plant. I think that the background should have been blurred alittle more so the green from the plants was the main focus.