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Monday, March 29, 2010


My greek myth was Athena. In the story, Athena was said to be the guarder of the city because she planted the first olive tree, and the people respected her for that.
I had her stand in front of the city to represent that, and in front of the water to represent Poseidan because she had fights with Poseidan. She was also an expert at spinning and weaving, and the necklace represents weaving. Athena was also said to be very pure and innocent, so the white dress represents that.
Photograph by Sarah.


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  2. I love the attitude she's giving off to the viewer. Everything in the picture you took into perspective and based it around the theme which works really well together. The viewers eye leads straight towards your subject because of the intensity of the white dress she's wearing. -MB OHS

  3. This picture captures the town. I really like the buildings in the backround, it looks really old and pretty. i also think the way she is looking into the camera gives off what vibe shes giving. The last thing i like is her neckalace.

  4. This photo is awesome. I really like the contrast of the white dress and the green water. The light is great too. I like how it reflects off of the model’s hair and the water. If the buildings weren’t so modern this really could look like it was from ancient Greece. Personally, I would have made the buildings, road and sky a black and white or sepia color. Great photo though. Nice Work!