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Monday, March 22, 2010


This picture is of Kassie, and I took it right in front of the lake so thats the white of her shirt would go with the snow and blue in her eyes with the blue sky. The first thing I did to this picture was clone stamp out a bar that was right on the side of her head. I also applied a light blue neon glow which I think helped the shows in her face stand out more. I burned her pupils and dodged her eyes to make them stand out more. I also dodged some of her hair to make certain strands stick out more. I applied who gassian blurs, and first one was of just the background. The second one I applied I only erased her eyes, lips, and some of her hair.
Kelsey created this photograph.


  1. I am inspired by this picture becasue it captures beauty of her eyes. The way kelsey tried matching kassie's eyes with the sky really turned out perfect. overall this picture is just a beautiful setting. JM

  2. I love this picture. I enjoy how her shirt, the sky make her eyes stand out. By making everything a light color really makes and shows true beauty. I think this picture is amazing.