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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Megan took this photograph.
For this photo, I took a picture of a jewel and it was very difficult to make the big jewel the focal point because there were other jewels in the background that were distracting. I played with the photo's background trying to make it darker and then I tried lighter. In the end, I burned the jewel and dodged the background because it looked the best and gave more focus on the large jewel. I think that the photo gives off a cold mood and a pure feeling because the background is very light and the jewel has tints of black in it.


  1. The jewel really stands out because the background is blurred but you can still see the other jewels that are glistening from the light! I really like this photo!

  2. This is a great photo! All the colors and light in the jewel make it pop. There’s also a sense of darkness in the jewel that really contrasts against the bright background. One other contributor to this jewel really popping is the blurred background. I also like how the jewel isn’t centered. It’s more off to the left. It’s wonderful. Nice Work.

  3. I like how the subject has color in it to help it stand out, and how the background is blurred, but the subject is in focus.

  4. I like this photo because, you have the background blurred and the jewel just stands out, and its sparkly in the back ground. its great, good job.