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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Photograph by Jake.
I like this picture mainly because of the detail. His shirt gives a great sense of texture and also there are very light shadows cast all over him. I think this is a good representation of Danny mainly because of the confused look on his face. Danny is a very smart kid, but always has a confused and carefree look on his face. I blurred the background severely and erased his lips and eyes to get them to pop out more.


  1. I like the Composition, He isn't directly in the middle of the photo and his eyes seem to be looking passed you like he is staring at something in the distance. I also like the texture in his shirt as well as in his hair, the two different textures complement each other.

    -DJP OHS

  2. I like this picture beacause he does look confused and it makes you wonder what hes thinking.Also I like how his eyes pop out and his lips and the texture in the shirt is really cool. this is a good picture it turned out great.

  3. This picture is so intimate because of the closeness of his face. I really like that, and I feel close to the subject because of that. I like his intense emotion, and that his is offset to the left. One suggestion for this photo would maybe be to give it a try in black and white because I feel like it could make the photo more intense, and the colors right now really go well with the vibe since they're washed out a bit, but maybe try it in black and white!

    -SN OHS