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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Morgan took this photograph.
I really like how this photo turned out. I had her go up against the window, so it looked like she wanted to get out and be set free. I like how there was a reflection of her face in the window and how the colors turned out after doing the lomo effect to it.


  1. i like this one because it looks like the girl is almost searching for something that she cant have. in this picture it looks like she is trapped on the inside but wants to go out. i really like the lighting on this photo, the rule of third could have been used better but she fills the frame so it doesnt really matter about the rule of thirds for this one.

    Deanna L

  2. I really like how this turned out. The reflection in the window is so clear, and I like where you had her place her hands. It makes this photo interesting to look at, and portrays the right mood for the assignment.

  3. i really like this picture because i think it is a really good representation of the yellow wallpaper because it looks like she is trapped and wanting to get out. i also think the reflection really worked well and that the colors are really well done.

  4. I like the reflection in this picture its perfect. I also like the lighting and how the subject seems to glow. I don’t think I would change anything about this picture.

    -DJP OHS

  5. I really like this photo. I think that this fits the yellow wallpaper story really well. I can really tell what the girl is felling. The reflection you have is really great and adds a lot of interest to the picture. The lighting in this picture is also good.

  6. I really like how clear the reflection is, and how this photo makes it look like the subject is looking for something or wishing she could be out there, I also like how the subject placed her hands they look very natural.

  7. I like this picture because the emotion is so well showen and the reflection is so clear. I also like how you can still see the trees outside of the window.
    -MorganM OHS