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Friday, May 21, 2010


"Nature Walk"
This is the image I used for green. My subject wore a green skirt & had green painted toes to enhance the green effect. I decided to place the subject in the grass to portray a calming effect. As if you're taking a nature walk through the woods. I enhanced the shadow, contrast and saturation of the image. There was originally an ipod in this piece, but it took away from the focal point to I clone stamped it out.
Zoe took this photograph.


  1. I really like this photo because it portrays a a peaceful and calming feeling. I saw this photo with the ipod in it, and I think this photo did turn out a lot better without the ipod, so nice job!

  2. I love how everything in the pictue besids her feet are different shades of green. It makes the feet stand out, and then leads you to her toenails. Having a little dirt in the grass also makes the grass stand out.

  3. I like this photo alot for many reasons. I think it gives off a very peaceful feeling and it just looks very natural. When the photo had the iPod in it, it sort of took away from the "green" or "econess" of the photo. The lighting and composition of this photo is very good. Nice job :)

  4. I like this photo because the subjects feet look very natural in that pose. I like how her toenails blend into the grass. I also feel that the Ipod took away from the photo.

  5. I really like the calming, natural feeling this picture emits. You made a good decision by using the same shade of green through the entire picture, this way there’s no distractions. The high quality and detail of the blades and clovers really makes the picture pop.

  6. I like this photo because the green is so bright and bold. I also like that you can tell the modal is relaxed from the way the feet are positioned.
    -Morgan M OHS