This blog has been created so that students at OHS can have a place to share their photos on a regular basis. We welcome any constructive critism, as well as positive feedback.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sara I. took this photo.


  1. I like where the subject is placed in this photo but I would have probably straightened out the lines on the side of the house because the way they slant down makes you movie to the wrong side of the picture. But overall this is a great picture.

    -DJP OHS

  2. This picture looks so good! I love all the strong contrast in it. I also really like how the lines in the photo arent exactly straight across. I also like that even with the girl in the front being so dark you can still see some detail about her. This photo turned out really well. The one thing I would maybe change it clone stamping out the top line in the top left corner. It is a little distracting.

  3. I love the contrast between the white house and the black umbrella and dress. It really makes the viewer look directly at the subject. I think that you could have cropped it to make it not look so slanted though or took it from a different angle. The shadow on the house really adds a nice touch as well. -MB OHS

  4. I like how the white makes the dark figure stand out without having too much contrast. The rule of thirds was used well but i think the lines on the house are a little bit distracting. I also feel that the color is a little dull, i understand that the colors are supposed to be more dull to add the feeling of the image but it hides some of the detail that i would like to see.
    -OHS MA