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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In this Picture I used the filter 'gaussian blur' and changed the blending mode from 'normal' to 'overlay'. I thought this was a good picture to apply this filter to because there is a lot of green and different shades of dark and light so it helps the subject to stand out nicely.

Dominic created this photograph.


  1. This is overall a good idea for a photo but her hand is overexposed and blends in with the light green grass which makes the flower look like its floating. The main subject is also centered and could have been easily fixed by cropping. I like the grass line leading to her and the different color ranges of green.

    MB OHS.

  2. I really like this photo. The way she's smiling makes me want to hold a flower and the soft glow mkaes everything semm kind of dream like which I think is a really good effect. i agree with MB that the flower shouldnt have been right in the center, but I really like all the colors and the over all picture is really nice.

  3. This picture is a great compesition, even though they say it's in the center, it's still not a snapshot because of the offset from heather, Overall this is a skilled photo and nice contrast, The blurr takes the the focus off the background completely and changes the focal point to Heather.
    Great Job Dominic,