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Monday, May 10, 2010


Sara I. took this photograph in digital photography.
This picture represents attractive. I was actually outside taking pictures and I saw a deer like across my road and was lucky to get a quick photo before the deer ran away. I like how I framed the deer between the fence and the branches. I played with the colors a little and blured the background around the deer to make the deer stand out better.


  1. This picture is incredible. The way you framed the deer using the vines makes an interesting composition. The rules of thirds aren’t very apparent here, but that is what I like about the photo. The deer is meant to be the subject and it shows. I also really love how the curvy tree branches contrast to the thick brown vines and the deer has some open space around it creating an obvious focal point. Great Job!

  2. I think that this picture is very original. She was at the right place at the right time. Although she didn't use the rule of thirds. If she croped out some of the picture on the right then the deer wouldn't be directly in the middle of the photo.

  3. For this photo, the photographer very effectively used a frame around the focal point. I really like the depth of field used, and the way it leads the viewer's eye back through the photo. However, the rule of thirds is somewhat lacking in this photo. I like that the leaves up close are out of focus, but the background is clear. Maybe if she cropped out some of the foreground, this picture could be much more powerful.

  4. i really like this picture. i think its cool how you were able to get the deer framed so perfectly before it ran away. the deer really stands out in the picture and we know that it is meant to be the subject of the photo. i like how even though there are plants on the fence, they lead your eye into the deer. all the green make the brown deer stand out.