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Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love the lighting in this picture. I used neon glow to enhance the glow of the sun. Its repulsive because its taken in an abandoned building and everything is destroyed. There is broken glass everywhere and garbage. The roof is leaking and the windows are broken out causing water to collect and puddle in the building. I think it is repulsive that people build buildings and use them for a short time then leave them abandoned. Its a waste of material and money.
Emily took this photograph.


  1. I really like this photo! I like the way the sun is shining in and how it reflects the light coming through the windows in the puddles. The abandoned building portrays the mood well. Nice job!

  2. The lighting in this picture is amazing. The way the water on the floor reflects the windowed image makes it even better. I love the rustic/ abandoned look. Very nice photograph. -MB OHS

  3. I like this photo because it gives a sences of curiosity on how it got like that, I also like how the windows reflect in the water. I also like how the light is shining from the windows